Derecho De Nacer (CD Veronica Castro, Humberto Zurita) TV-Novela

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EL Derecho De Nacer

When a pregnant young woman consults her doctor about an abortion, he tells her the story of the Del Junco family, headed by Don Rafael, a severe patriarch whose daughter, Maria Elena, becomes pregnant by a traveling salesman. Don Rafael sends Maria Elena and her nanny, Maria Dolores, to his country house where they are the prisoners of Bruno the foreman. Though Bruno has orders to kill the baby when it is born, Maria Dolores begs for the child's life and flees to Mexico City, where she raises him as her own. Maria Elena spends years searching in vain for her son, and eventually enters a convent. The boy, meanwhile, grows to manhood and becomes a doctor. While interning at a hospital, he meets a pretty young volunteer who takes him home to meet her family, including her aunt, Sister Maria Elena, and her grandfather, Don Rafael.